“You should write a book!”

"You should write a book," your friends tell you. Easy said!

Maybe you're writing a novel, a professional guide, or the story of your life. If so, you've probably discovered it isn't so easy. The Book Doc can help.

Your friends may say your project's wonderful, but they won't tell you what you need to do to improve it, or finish it, or fix it so that it has a better chance of being published. With more than twenty years of experience as a professional editor, writer, and publisher, the Book Doc will.

Maybe you just need encouragement and motivation, or help getting grammar and usage right. Or maybe you need someone who’ll listen to your ideas, ask you hard questions, give advice about structure, and show you how to revise and rewrite. Self-help is fine, but sometimes a writer needs more. The Book Doc can help.

Are you self-publishing, as more and more writers do these days? To give your book its best chance for success you’ll need to have it professionally edited, proofread, and designed. The Doc can help there, too.

Make an appointment with Robert Rubin—the Book Doc—to discuss your idea and how he can help you realize it. No fee charged for your initial consultation!

Praise for the Book Doc — "As a writer and author now of three business books, I know the value a great editor can provide. I was very lucky to have found Robert Rubin. Quite frankly, he is the best editor I have ever worked with over a 20 year career. Robert was incredibly helpful in providing guidance for my book's copy revisions that went beyond just correction of mistakes; he provided very useful advice and consultation that helped me revise, reshape and fine tune the themes of my book and the overall positions/ideas I put forward…. Highly recommended!"
— Jon Wuebben, Author of
Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age, CEO, Content Launch