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Editing, publishing, and consulting services starting at $45/hour.

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Initial Consultation

No charge — An hour-long consultation to discuss your project and how the Book Doc might help.
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Developmental Editing/Line Editing

$45/hour or flat rate — Going through your manuscript in detail, line by line, with suggested revisions to plot/structure, subject matter, characterization, and language.
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By contract, 50¢/word — When you need someone to write your book for you. Ghostwriting may be credited ("As told to," or "With the assistance of") or uncredited (published under your name), but ghostwriters typically do not share in the copyright ownership or publishing rights. The Book Doc is an experienced writer who can help readers hear your voice. 
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$45/hour — Phone, video, or in-person discussion of your idea or project, with advice about strategies of submission to publishers, self-publishing, Web publishing, and other options.
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Flat fee/negotiable — Pen-and-ink and watercolor drawings, or computer-generated line drawings and cartoons.
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Manuscript/Proposal Critique

$350 flat rate — The Book Doc reads your work the way an acquiring editor or agent would, and offers advice about how to work out problems that may be keeping it from publication.
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Copy Editing and Proofreading

$45/hour — Checking your manuscript for typos and errors of spelling, grammar, factual accuracy, and standard usage. Does not include line-editing for style or voice.
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Dissertation/Thesis Editing

$45/hour — Proofreading and copy-editing of academic writing for accuracy, style, and mechanics, and making sure that references are correctly presented for the MLA, APA, Chicago (Turabian), or other required formats. May include substantive or developmental editing. 
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Book Design and Layout

$45/hour — Preparing your book for publication in print and/or as an e-book on Amazon or Ingramspark systems.
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