Ghostwriting, as seen by the classic Pogo comic strip.

Ghostwriting, as seen by the classic Pogo comic strip.


So, do you think most celebrities and politicians really write their own books? Most hire professional journalists to interview them, put their words into order, and add organization and a polished turn of phrase. Sometimes such books are "as told to" the journalist. Sometimes they're just published under the celebrity's name.

But ghostwriting isn't just for celebrities. Many businessmen and others who have compelling ideas but no time to sweat over the writing pay professional writers to "ghost" for them.

A good ghostwriter does more than write for a client. By interviewing and working with the client, the ghostwriter captures the client's way of speaking, and thinking, and makes the book truly something that the client can claim as their own.

The Book Doc is both an experienced writer and a veteran journalist, expert interviewer, and skilled researcher. He can make your words come alive in print, or on the Internet.