So, you've got an idea for a book, or an article—is it any good? How would you sell it? How would you promote it? Where could you find an agent? What publishers should you approach?

These are the kinds of questions many writers face as they’re starting out. The Book Doc’s many years in publishing have given him a nose for what sells and what doesn’t, and insight into how publishers evaluate ideas. He can help with the conception, execution, marketing, and publicity that goes along with writing a book.

Is a “vanity press” worth the money it will cost? Should you self-publish on Kindle or Ingramspark, or try for the traditional route of getting an agent and a publishing company to underwrite your work? The answers aren’t always obvious. How about web- and online publishing? E-books? Today, there are many ways to find an audience for your writing.

The publishing landscape is changing: the Book Doc can provide advice about how to change with it.